• Milk Made Skin: Who We Are

    Milk Made Skin: Who We Are

    Milk Made Skin is more than just a skin care brand. It is a brand committed to giving you only the best ingredients while also giving back to the community. We are Clean Skin Care  At Milk Made Skin, we're...

  • Winter Skin Care

    Winter Skin Care

    Winter brings many wonderful things, from cozy sweaters to hot cocoa, but it also brings on challenges such as dry skin. The cold air, low humidity, and harsh winds can leave your skin feeling tight and dehydrated. However, with the...

  • Introducing Milk Peptide Complex™

    Introducing Milk Peptide Complex™

    A Decade-Long Struggle with Infertility and the Skin Solution That Inspired It All! Sarah, the founder of Milk Made Skin spent over a decade struggling to get pregnant and investing thousands of dollars into IVF treatments. When she finally became...

  • Skin Milk: The Summer Trend That’s Here to Stay

    Skin Milk: The Summer Trend That’s Here to Stay

    This past summer, skin milk took over beauty routines (and the internet) worldwide!  This age-old ingredient made a serious splash in skincare, bodycare, cosmetics and nail care.  From milk-infused moisturizers to milky body glazes to latte makeup looks and milk bath nails, milk was by far the hottest trend of the summer.
  • Meet the Lady Behind the Boobs

    Meet the Lady Behind the Boobs

    Thank you for your interest in Milk Made Skin! Milk Made Skin is so special and personal to me - it’s taken me many years to develop the perfect formulas that I am proud to bring into your home. I’m...

  • Let's Get Milk Drunk!

    Let's Get Milk Drunk!

    Are you ready to get MILK DRUNK?? If so, you’ve come to the right place! Our Milk Drunk Peptide-Rich Moisturizer is our #1 best selling product for a reason. This moisturizer is a powerhouse that will leave your skin looking...